Steel Snow Chains Set in Pakistan

Buy or rent high quality antiskid tyre snow chains made of steel. Steel chains are must have for safe driving in Murree and Northern areas of Pakistan. See price, per day rent for tyre chain and more detail below.

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Nylon Tyre Snow Chains Set Price in Pakistan
Steel Snow Chains Set in Pakistan. It is Suitable for Most Cars with R 14 and R 15 Rim Size. Snow Chains for Honda City Civic Toyota XLi, GLi in Pakistan

Rent of Steel Snow Chains Set

Please book snow chains for rent in advance by paying some amount or otherwise check fresh availability before coming to our location. Rent and security deposit amount are fix. No bargaining at all please. 

Heavy Duty Tyre Chains - Steel Made Price in Pakistan. Glacier chains have v-bar studs for better traction on ice.

سٹیل سنو چین خریدنےکے لئے اوپر دیا گیا آرڈر فارم پُرکریں

 مزید پروڈکٹس  دیکھنےکے لئے نیچے کسی بھی بٹن پر کلک کریں

ڈبل سلنڈر کمپریسر
اس کمپریسر کے کلیمپ کو بارہ وولٹ کی بیٹری کے ٹرمینل پر لگائیں یا ڈائریکٹ سگریٹ لائیٹر ساکٹ میں لگائیں اور ٹائر میں ہوا کم ہونے یا پنکچر ہونے کی صورت میں ڈگی سے نکال کر فوراً ہوا بھریں۔ دو سال کی گارنٹی ہے۔    

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Heavy Duty Tyre Chains for Driving on Thick Ice or Snow

These tyre chains provide superior grip on thick layer of frozen ice (kora) or dense snow during heavy snowfall or driving on steep ascent of snowy road. Heavy duty steel chains are slightly different from our above mentioned chains, with unique shape of individual chains and v-shaped steel studs on each steel ring. Heavy duty chains have built-in cam tighteners with them. These chains are built with heavy steel gauge and strong enough that they are highly unlikely to break even in toughest conditions. These tyre chains can also be used in mud. It is only wondroz, where you can find strongest tire chains.

Steel Snow Chains Set in Pakistan. It is Suitable for Most Cars with R 14 and R 15 Rim Size. Snow Chains for Honda City Civic Toyota XLi, GLi Prius Altis in Pakistan
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Nylon Tyre Chains for Snow
مری اور پاکستان کے شمالی علاقہ جات میں برفباری کے دوران گاڑی چلانے کیلئے ٹائروں پر سنو چین چڑھا لیں تاکہ گاڑی پھسلن یا ایکسیڈنٹ سے بچ سکے۔ یہ سنو کیبل مضبوط نائلون کی بنی ہوئی ہیں۔ استعمال کے بعد ان کو اتار کر رکھ لیں۔ سٹیل سنو چین بھی دستیاب ہیں۔

Security Deposit for Chains 

This is security deposit amount to get Steel Snow Chains on rent. Set for two tyres. 

Class 1 Vehicles  Rs  8500

Examples: Suzuki Mehran, Alto, Bolan, Ravi, Daihatsu Coure, Wagon R.

Class 2 Vehicles Rs 9500

Examples: Honda City, Toyota Corolla Xli, Yaris, Vitz, Passo, Cultus (2017-21), KIA Picanto, Alsvin.

Class 3 Vehicles Rs 11500

Examples: Toyota Altis New, Prius, Aqua, Alpha, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Premio, Civic, Toyota Gli

Security Deposit for Heavy Duty Chains

Rs 19000

Heavy duty chains are only available for 17, 18, 19 and 20 inches tyre sizes.

Examples: Land Cruiser, KIA Sportage, Fortuner, Revo, Vigo, Prado.

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بُر اتارنے والی مشین​
گرم اونی کپڑوں، سویٹر، جرسی، پردوں اور قالین وغیرہ پر اکثر رُواں یا بُر آجاتی ہے۔ اس آلے کے ذریعے بر کو آسانی سے اتاریں۔ اس کو کپڑے کے اوپر گھماتے جائیں۔ کپڑے سے بر اتر کے اس کے اندر جمع ہوتی رہتی ہے۔ کپڑے کو بر سے صاف کرنے کے بعد آلے کے اندر جمع شدہ بُر باہر پھینک دیں۔

Features of Steel Snow Chains Set

  • This set of steel snow chains is suitable for most cars in Pakistan, such as Mehran, Honda City, Civic, Toyota Corolla Cars i.e XLi, GLi, Altis, Lnad Cruiser etc.
  • Snow chains are made of high quality abrasion resistant steel. Snow chains are also called 'Barf Mein Gari Chalany ki Zanjeer' in Pakistan.
  • Steel snow chains provide your car better traction and grip in snow, ice or frost weather conditions.
  • These chains can be easily installed or removed with the help of hooks and rings. Watch our original video for guidance.
  • A high quality rubber tensioner is provided that keeps chains fastened and tight over the wheel of car.
  • Though our steel chains are best in Pakistan but every chain may break in certain conditions of extreme snow or on thick layers of ice. We do not provide any guarantee related to breakage of tyre chains or whatsoever.
  • You can also contact us for specialized chains for tyres of heavy vehicles such as truck, bus, shovel, tractor, grader.

Some Tips for Installing Snow Chains

  • Snow chains must be installed on drive wheels.
  • As, nowadays almost all cars in Pakistan, are front wheel drive, so you have to put the snow chains on the front tires.
  • If your vehicle is a four-wheel drive, apply a snow chain to all four wheels or install in cross on at least two tires such as front right and rear left wheel.
  • If you have installed steel chains on front drive wheels of car, you can buy an additional nylon snow chains from us to install on rear tyres for better grip, because rear wheels can also slip especially on sharp slopy and steep turns.
  • Drive forward and backward a little, so that chains are released, stuck below tyres.
  • Always, first lock hooks of chains, inward of tyres. Outer hooks should be joined later.
  • Tyre chains must be securely tightened. Loose chains may result in damage to car tyre. Therefore, always tight chains with rubber tensioner, provided to you with chains. If you have not purchased chains from us, most sellers do not provide rubber tensioners. In such case, you should tight steel chains by fastening with some strong nylon rope.

What If You Don't Have Snow Chains?

  • If you do not have snow chains, try not to travel to Murree or northern areas during live snowfall.
  • Travel after the second or third day of snow falling because by this time the local administration has usually removed the snow from the road and you will have no need of snow chains on most roads.
  • If you want to drive during the live snowfall, either put snow tires in you car or buy snow chains for regular tyres.
  • The tread (ribs and grooves) of tyre must be in better condition so that the tire does not slip in the snow or on frosty ice.
  • Avoid accelerating or racing abruptly when climbing in the snow, specially on sharp curves, and drive in small gear on the descent and use the brakes to a minimum.
  • Reduce the air pressure in the tires on a snowy road so that the tires do not slip too much but this trick does not work in all conditions of snowy road..

What is More Hazardous Than Snow?

  • Probably, you may not have the knowledge that what is more dangerous than snow in winter season, in Murree or northern areas of Pakistan.
  • It is the frost which is also commonly called Kora (black ice). Cora is more dangerous than snow because it is undetectable.
  • You can see the snow from a distance and take safety measures or reduce the speed. But kora or frosty ice is not visible from a distance.
  • It looks like water is standing on the road and the car slips when it reaches on top of it.
  • I have seen many accidents on Murree Expressway. Part of the road between Masyari and Lower Topa, in particular is more dangerous in terms of frost.
  • Now the question is how to avoid dangers of kora or black ice?
  • Usually the local administration sprinkles salt on the road but this is not often the case.
  • Kora is a thin layer of ice crystals that freezes over the road in extreme cold. It starts around and remains on road up to noon, the next day.
  • Sunlight melts it, or heavy vehicles, such as trucks, break the layer of snowy frost. But cars can slip on it easily.
  • Therefore, it is better to avoid traveling during this time.
  • Keep the car speed to a minimum so that you can handle any out-of-sight frost weather road condition.

Get Steel Snow Chains on Rent

  • You can buy high quality steel snow chains or get on rent from our store in Islamabad, on your way to Murree. 
  • Now, you can get chains on rent from Wondroz, while going towards Murree or Northern areas. See below for more detail.

Are Tyre Chains Befitting for All Tyres?

  • Short answer is No. Wondroz have acquired a deep knowledge and expertise about tyre chains, through our years of experience and customer feedback.
  • Tyre chains can be easily installed on tyres of most vehicles but on some tyres, chains - either nylon or steel - cannot be properly installed on some tyres. Forcefully installed chains may result in damage to car body parts and tyres or even chains itself.
  • Best advice for you is that come to our location, near Murree Toll Plaza, we will install chains on your tyre and check to confirm that whether chains are suitable or not for your vehicle.

Some Vital Precautions While Driving with Tyre Chains

  • Drive only at very slow speed when chains are installed on tyres. 
  • Drive with chains only on snow road. Avoid sudden braking.
  • Never drive on paved metal road with chains installed because it can cause uncomfortable driving experience and may damage tyres or chains.
  • Remove steel chains when you come out of snow.
  • You can use some nylon rope to drive on normal slippery road or you can buy our Nylon Snow Chains HERE.
  • Keep windows slightly open while driving with chains. If you hear a sound of broken chains from tyres, immediately stop your car and remove chains. Broken and thumping chains may damage the strut of wheel.
  • If chain of one tyre is broken, remove it and install other chain on chain tyre. We recommend, that you should get a spare chain for one tyre, when you get it on rent from us.

Images of Steel Snow Chains

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Tyre Chains ​Rent Per Day: Rs 2000

Get steel snow chains on rent.

  • You must rent chains only from our physical store near Murree Toll Plaza

  • 1 Day means 24 hours. Half day will be counted as full day

  • Equal to the price of chains security deposit is required which will be refunded upon return of snow chains.

  • Limited stock. Advance Booking is Required.

  • No issue or penalty for any damage to steel chains during your use. You are not responsible for any breakage to snow chains.

  • ​Check Rent of heavy duty chains through WhatsApp message.​​

Heavy gauge tyre chain for driving in snow and mud. Tyre steel chains for land cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, KIA Sportage etc.