Air Pump in Pakistan to Fill Air in Tyre of Car and Motorcycle. Connect 12v Small Size Air Compressor with Battery of Car
Air Pump in Pakistan to Fill Air in Tyre of Car and Motorcycle. Connect 12v Portable Air Compressor with Battery of Car
Ppakistan 12v portable air compressor tyre inflator electric pump side view
pakistan 12v portable air compressor tyre inflator electric pump packaging box

Videos of 12v Portable 2 Cylinder Car Air Compressor

Click above link to watch video of double cylinder air compressor on our YouTube channel. See its price below.

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pakistan 12v portable air compressor tyre inflator electric pump long air hose pipe karachi

Best double cylinder air compressor in Pakistan to fill air in deflated tyre of your car. Side Pose of the 12v Portable Car Air Compressor Double Cylinder  is shown in Below Two Images

12v portable air compressor for car in pakistan - best tyre inflator mini air pump - how to use guide

اس پروڈکٹ کو سوشل میڈیا پر دوستوں کے ساتھ شیئر کریں۔ واٹس ایپ پر شیئر کرنے کیلئے پلس یا جمع کا بٹن کلک کریں اور متعلقہ فارم کے سرچ میں ڈبلیوٹائپ کریں اور مسنجر کیلئے ایم ٹائپ کریں۔

پاسورڈ لاک​
یہ لاک ہر قسم کی کار بس یا ٹرک کے سٹیئرنگ پر لگایا جا سکتا ہے۔ صرف نمبر گھما کر لاک کر دیں۔ یہ لاک کیسے گاڑی کو چوری سے محفوظ رکھتا ہے؟ اور اس کا پاسورڈ سیٹ کرنے کا طریقہ جاننے کیلئے تفصیل کے بٹن پر کلک کریں۔

Keep This Air Compressor Always in Trunk (Digi) of your Car, So That You Can Use it in Case of Flat or Punctured Tyre

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Price of Double Cylinder Air Compressor

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کار فوڈ وارمر​
دوران سفر کھانا گرم کریں۔ چاول، سبزی، گوشت، سینڈوچ، برگر آسانی سے اس کے اندر گرم کریں۔ اس کا پلگ گاڑی کی سگریٹ لائیٹر ساکٹ میں لگتا ہے۔ تین سو ڈگری فارن ھائیٹ پر ٹمپریچر برقرار رکھتا ہے۔

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ڈبل سلنڈر کمپریسر
موٹروے پر سفر کے دوران یا کسی دور دراز گاوُں میں گاڑی کا ٹائر پنکچر ہو جائے اور ٹائر شاپ بھی قریب نہ ہوتو ایسی صورت میں پریشان ہوئے بغیر گاڑی کی ڈگی سے کمپریسر نکالیں اور آسانی سے ٹائر میں ہوا بھر لیں اور اگر کسی دوسرے کو اس مشکل میں دیکھیں تو ان کی مدد کریں۔ سوزوکی، ہنڈا، ٹویوٹا کرولا، ہائی ایس سمیت ہر قسم کی گاڑی کے ٹائر میں ہوا بھر سکتے ہیں۔ آپ کے علم میں ہو گا کہ مکمل پنکچر شدہ ٹیوب لیس ٹائر ایک دفعہ ہوا بھرنے کے بعد کم ازکم پندرہ سے بیس کلومیٹر آسانی سے سفر طے کر سکتا ہے۔

استعمال کرنے کا طریقہ
**۱- مثبت + کلیمپ کو بیٹری کے مثبت + ٹرمینل پر لگا دیں**۲- منفی- کلیمپ کو بیٹری کے منفی - ٹرمینل پر لگا دیں **۳- گاڑی کو اسٹارٹ کر لیں تا کہ بیٹری پر دباوُ نہ پڑے **۴- کمپریسر کا سوئچ آن کریں۔ **۵- نوزل کو ٹائر پر لگا کر ہوا بھریں اور اپنا سفر جاری رکھیں

ڈبل سلنڈر کمپریسر خریدنےکے لئے اوپر دیا گیا آرڈر فارم پُرکریں

 مزید پروڈکٹس  دیکھنےکے لئے نیچے کسی بھی بٹن پر کلک کریں

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فوڈ مکسر مشین
اس مشین سے آٹا گوندھیں، گوشت کا قیمہ بنائیں، آملیٹ وغیرہ کیلئے انڈے پھینٹیں، بیکنگ کیلئے انڈوں کی سفیدی کی جھاگ بنائیں اور بیکری آئیٹمز مثلاً بسکٹ، کیک، بریڈ وغیرہ کیلئے بیکنگ مکس تیار کریں۔ کباب بنانے کا میٹیریل تیار کریں۔ وارنٹی دو سال۔  

Features of Air Compressor

  • This is best air pump in Pakistan to inflate tyres of all types of cars including Toyota, Suzuki and Honda. It can also fill air in tyre of motorcycle
  • It is equipped with powerful motor and best quality pistons

  • Air Compressor is widely used to inflate car tyres, motor boat, bicycle, motorcycle and tyres of other vehicles
  • This air pump comes with total 4 air nozels - One of them is built-in with its yellow air pipe and it is universally used to pump air in all vehicles including cars, motorcycles and even trucks
  • Three additional nozels are packed in the packaging box of the compressor and these can be screwed up in front of built-in nozel and they are used to pump air into air lounge sofa, modern boats, bicycles and other inflated air toys
  • Thermostat feature of this air pump will save its motor from over heating
  • Due to its portable design, it occupies very little storage space in the trunk (diggi) in your car
  • Replacement Guarantee: 2 Years 

Power Source of Air Compressor?

  • It is 12 volt air compressor and it can be connected with any 12v battery
  • This air compressor has 2 options to connect with battery. You can directly connect it on terminals of battery through provided clamps
  • You can also insert its other provided plug into Cigarette Lighter Socket in your car

Why Air Pump is Necessary To Keep in Vehicle?

  • When you are on the motorway or rural road, You may face emergency situation if the car tyre gets punctured
  • We often see such scenes on Pakistani roads, someone lifting tyre on his shoulders to find tire puncture shop which could be far away from your point of emergency.
  • Imagine you are in such situation during night time with your family and all the rascals and dacoits are also on the road.
  • Maintaining recommended tire pressure is not only necessary for safe driving but also it saves fuel consumption
  • You can also help other road users with flat tyre, if you have an air pump in your car trunk
  • Therefore you must always keep a compressor in your car to deal with any emergency situation - specially during your visit to village areas, desert or mountain northern areas of Pakistan - where tyre shops would be miles away from the point of difficult situation

Should You Buy Mini Air Pump?

  • Wondroz Pakistan used to sell mini compressor but since last three years, we have stopped selling it
  • Some customer were satisfied with the small size mini electric pump but some complained of poor quality. Maybe, they had very high expectations from very cheap compressor
  • In Pakistan, price range of mini compressor varies from Rs 700 to Rs 1200 and manufacturer have falsely mention 300 psi and 250 label over the plastic body of mini air pump and its weight is about 650 grams
  • At Wondroz, we believe that mini compressor is best suitable for inflating balloons but not for tyres of cars. That's why we stopped selling mini compressor. You can buy our Metal Body Single Cylinder Air Compressor OR this Double Cylinder Air Compressor OR our Heavy Duty Air Compressor in Pakistan

How To Use Double Cylinder Car Air Compressor

  • It is very easy to use this 2 cylinder air compressor. It can be connected with any 12v battery
  • All cars in Pakistan have 12 volt batteries - OR if car is not available and you have to inflate motorcycle tyre, then simply connect it with any 12 battery such as UPS battery in your home or office
  • Just connect the alligator clips of the Air Compressor to the car battery terminals. 
  • Connect positive (+)  alligator clip to the positive (+) terminal of battery. Then connect the negative clamp (-) to the negative terminal of battery. Each alligator clip has clear symbols of (+) or (-) on it
  • Now screw up the air nozel of the pipe of compressor on the air valve outlet of tyre
  • Now turn the button of air compressor at ON position
  • It will start inflating the tyre. Keep your eye on the gauge of compressor and after required inflation of tyre, turn the button off - Remove the air nozel and alligator clips from battery, pack the air compressor in its bag and happily start your driving again

Is It Necessary To START ENGINE?

  • In Brief, it is Not necessary but RECOMMENDED to start engine of your car while operating air compressor.
  • The compressor can easily operate without starting engine. But it is better to start the engine before turning ON the compressor for long life of your battery​

Is Jack Required To Place Under Vehicle?

  • During the process of air inflation in tyre, the compressor not only pumps air in the tire but actually it has to lift the whole weight of the vehicle
  • The answer to question above depends upon two factors: 1) Power of the Air Compressor and 2) Weight of the Vehicle
  • This double cylinder compressor does not require the jack for use in all cars, 4x4s vehicles, land cruiser, vigo champ etc. This compressor even does not require jack placement for inflation of most tractor tyres. However, if you have to inflate tyre of heavy loaded vehicle such as big trucks and heavy loaded trailers, then you are suggested to install a jack under truck before using this compressor so that the compressor would not have to lift the heavy load of truck. 

How To Order This Compressor?

  • You can order double cylinder air compressor from any village or city of Pakistan

  • To place order, simply fill above form (See Price of Compressor Below) or contact us on our WhatsApp support

Package Included:

Everything required and shown in video: Hoses, Gauges, Free Carrying Bag, 3 Extra Air Nozels, Instruction Manual 

Original Images of Double Cylinder Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor in Pakistan

Just Connect Double Cylinder Air Pump with Any 12 Volts Battery and Inflate the Punctured Tyre of Car or Bike - Small & Handy Pump for All Cars including Toyota, Honda. It Fills Air in Fast Time. See Single Cylinder and Other Air Pumps at the End of Page.

Price of Double Cylinder Powerful Air Pump for Car Tyre is Rs 6800. See product images, and more details below this form.

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