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Snow Chains in Pakistan. Anti Skid Snow Cables for Car Tyre. Buy Online in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi

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Features of Tyre Snow Chains

  • During winter, your car will be in danger of skidding or slipping on snowy and frosty roads in Murree, Naran or other snow covered roads in northern areas of Pakistan. Wondroz brought this simple solution for safe driving during winters; Nylon Snow Chains or Tyre Snow Cables.
  • These snow chains provide practical anti-slipping solution. The tire anti-skid chain has deep grooves on the outside to prevent the tire slipping on snow road. It also has anti-slipping dots on inside position for its strong grip on tyre.
  • The nylon snow cables are durable with very low noise as compared to steel chains. The tire anti-slip chain is made of high quality nylon material, which is wear resistant, low temperature resistant, tough and durable, owing long using life. Nylon material also produces very low noise during driving.
  • The snow cables are compact and lightweight. Thus, portable and convenient to carry out. They will take only little space in the trunk (diggi) of your car.
  • One set contains 10 snow cables. You can order 1 or more sets as per your requirements.
  • These snow chains are suitable for all kinds of cars and SUVs with 12 to 24 inches tire width. They are not suitable for truck wheel hubs.
  • Use flat screwdriver for removing nylon snow cables from wheels after use. So that you can use them again.
  • Returns accepted but after deducting amount equal to daily rent, only if not used.
  • Our nylon snow chains are literally best and durable as compared to others in Pakistan. See comparison in below image.

How Many Snow Cables Required For 1 Tyre?

  • You should fasten 5 nylon chains (cables) on one car tyre. You can also use 9 or 10 cables for even better grip but five cables per wheel are enough for secure grip in normal slippery conditions.
  • As most cars in Pakistan are front driven, therefore it is suggested to use these snow cables on front wheels of your car during snow weather. Snow chains on front wheels are enough for secure grip but you can also install these snow cables on rear tyres of your car for even better grip on slippery road of snow or mud.
  • Length of each cable is 900mm or 2.95 feet.

Suitability Snow Ties for Steel vs Alloy Rims

  • We continuously learn from feedback from our valued customers who already used tyre chains in snow.
  • Wondroz team will suggest that these snow cables are suitable for alloy rims only.
  • Snow cables are not good for steel rims. You can check our steel chains HERE.
  • Therefore, we suggest that you should only buy it if you have smooth alloy rims. Use 7-10 snow strips per tyre on thick layer of snow or ice. It is only Wondroz which can guide customers honestly.

How To Install & Remove Snow Cables

  • It is very easy and quick process to install or remove nylon snow cables
  • Enwrap cable around tyre. Insert flat side of snow cable into the hole of other side and tight it by just pulling. It will auto lock itself
  • To remove the snow cable, push lock button with screwdriver. Cable will be released from lock and then simply pull it to unfasten

What is Your Best Bet, if You Don't Have Tire Chains?

  • Do not take any risk of driving in snow without proper safety measures. Your car must have either winter tyres or snow chains installed. Your life as well as car of millions worth, must be secured from hazards of snow.
  • However, in case you do not possess chains, then the best bet for you is to deflate air pressure from tyres while driving in snow. For example, normal pressure of your car tires, is 30 pounds, you should reduce the air pressure and keep it between 15-20 pounds.
  • It will provide a workable traction to cope with slippery on road.

Do Reducing Tyre Pressure Always Works in Snow?

  • Reduction of air pressure from tyres can provide some grip and traction on snow, only on relatively plain and straight road.
  • As per our experience, this trick does not work in certain road situations.
  • Reducing air pressure from tyres do not work when snow slippery is combined with three other factors, namely; sharp turn, one-sided tilt or slope of road on curve and steep ascent just above that turn. One example of such turn is Hakas Morr, on Murree Expressway, about 3 km short of Lower Topa.
  • Therefore, do not always depend on lowering air pressure. For better safety, either get winter tyres or snow chains.

What is Key Advantage of Nylon Snow Strips?

  • Though these nylon ties are not as strong as steel chains.
  • However, the biggest benefit of these nylon cables, is that there is No Risk of any damage to tyre, wheel or car body.
  • And of course, nylon ties are much easier to fasten on tyre than other chains.

Availability of Steel Chains for Snow Road?

YES. Car snow chains, made of steel are also available. You can see price, video and images of steel snow chains, at the end of this same page.

Images of Tyre Nylon Snow Chains

آپ اسلام آباد سے مر ی جاتے ہوئے راستے میں رک کر بھی سنو چین خرید سکتے ہیں۔ مزید معلومات اور گوگل لوکیشن کیلئے واٹس ایپ پر

 رابطہ کریں۔


Price Snow Chains Set

Price of B Quality Snow Chains Rs 2200

This is price to buy new sealed pack nylon snow chains - Pack of 10 Strips for Two Tires.

Price of Best A Quality Snow Chains Rs 2600

This is Price for Super Quality Nylon Snow Chains Set (10 Snow Ties) with More Length, Width & Grip.

Buy on the Go

While going to Murree, you can buy snow chains from Mian Jee Restaurant, Murree Road, Islamabad. Timing 6 am to 11 pm. 

Rs 200 Delivery Charges Any City of Pakistan

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Contact Through Whatsapp 03325577733

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Car Emergency Kit on Rent
پاکستان کے شمالی علاقہ جات میں جاتے ہوئے اسلام آباد میں واقع ہماری لوکیشن سے کار ایمرجنسی ٹول لے کرایہ پر لے جاسکتے ہیں۔ بہتر ہے آنے سے پہلے بکنگ کروا لیں اور دستیابی چیک کر لیں۔

Tyre Snow Chains Nylon Anti Skidding Slipping Cables for Safe Driving in Ice or Snow of Murree Pakistan

Method of Installing or Removing Nylon Snow Chain

Watch video for complete demonstration. See price of tire chains below.

How To Install or Remove Snow Chains from Car Tyre in Pakistan

نائلون سنو چین خریدنےکے لئے اوپر دیا گیا آرڈر فارم پُرکریں

 مزید پروڈکٹس  دیکھنےکے لئے نیچے کسی بھی بٹن پر کلک کریں

Video of Snow Chains Installation

Click above link to watch watch video on our YouTube channel. See Price of Nylon and Steel Snown Chain Below.

Three More Products To Consider

Pictures show, how to fasten and install tyre snow chains to prevent skidding or slipping of your car on ice, frost or snow in Murree Pakistan

Snow Chains in Pakistan. Anti Skid Snow Cables for Car Tyre in Pakistan
Difference between best quality and average quality of car snow chain or snow zip ties.
Safety precations and driving tips for safe travelling to mountains and northern areas of Pakistan such as Murree, Naran, Hunza, Malam Jabba, Neelam Valley, Kalam, Swat, Skardu.

Snow Chains for Tyre in Pakistan

Best quality anti-slipping nylon snow cables or chains for wheels of all cars, land cruiser and 4x4 vehicles in Pakistan. Length of our each snow cable is 92 centimeter or 36 inches. So, it is universal for all size tyres. Want to Buy Car Accessories such as Car Snow Chains, Car Locks or Car Air Compressor? You may Stop & Buy while travelling from Islamabad to Murree. Our Location is on Your Way. Nylon snow cables are also called tyre snow plastic clips or ties. 

Price Rs 2200 for Normal Quality snow chain and Rs 2600 per set for best (A) quality snow ties. See More Detail Below.

Safety Precautions in Mountains
کیا موٹاپے کا شکار اور شیر خوار بچوں کو پہاڑی علاقہ جات کی سیر پر جانا چاہیئے؟ سستا ھوٹل کیسے بک کروائیں؟ پہاڑی ڈھلوان پر گاڑی کیسے پارک کریں۔ ایبٹ آباد یا مری جانے کیلئے بہترین روٹ کونسا ہے؟ بہت سارے مزید سوالوں کے جواب جانیں۔

Daily Rent of car emergency tool kit in Pakistan
Snow Chains in Pakistan. Anti Skid Snow Cables for Car Tyre in Pakistan
Steel Snow Chains Set Price in Pakistan
Tyre Snow Chains Installation Nylon Anti Skidding Slipping Cables for Safe Driving in Ice or Snow of Murree Pakistan

Difference Between A and B Quality of Snow Chain

See the comparison of both types of snow chains in this original image. Please always try to appreciate original images; they are important for you. See price of snow chains below. We have both chains but we recommend type A snow chains.

Tire snow chains are made of tough and reinforced hard material of nylon that provide best protection to your car from skidding on snow road. Best snow cables in Pakistan

سٹیل سنو چین​
کار کو برف میں پھسلنے سے بچانے کیلئے، سٹیل کی بنی ہوئی مضبوط سنو چین لگالیں۔ سنو چین لگانے کا طریقہ، برفباری میں ڈرائیونگ کے مفید ٹپس جاننے کیلئے تفصیل کے بٹن پر کلک کر کے وڈیو دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔