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Car Air Compressor Single Cylinder in Pakistan
Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor 12v in Pakistan Karachi
Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor 12v in Pakistan Packaging Box

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Features of Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor

  • It takes power from cigarette lighter socket of car and fills car tyre in 2-3 minutes.
  • Metal body air compressor has rubber air hose with snap-on fitting to the air compressor and screw-on fitting to the tyres.
  • Just insert the plug of air pump into the cigarette lighter socket of car and you are good to go
  • Conveniently located on/off switch.
  • Simple and convenient snap-on air outlet.
  • 12 amperes motor
  • It can can be used for all types of cars in Pakistan
  • The gearless direct drive design is quiet and highly efficient.
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet.


  1. One piece Metal Air Compressor with built-in 2.8 meter cord and half meter air pipe, in securely packed original box
  2. Three extra accessory nozzles included for pumping up balls and inflatable toys etc.

Do You Believe in Specifications? 

To be honest, never waste your time in specifications. Just believe on the simple words of Wondroz, as we have the deep and practical knowledge of air compressors. This compressor is simply best, lightweight with economical price, for all types of cars in Pakistan. In our experience, it is the best in lowest cost air compressor, you should buy. There are many air compressors in market starting from even Rs 800 which we do not recommend as it is a wastage of money with no value. Even we have discarded such Mini Air Compressor for good.

If you don't trust our words, then here are the specification of Single Cylinder Air Compressor

Air Flow: 35 Litre Per Minute

Voltage: 12 volt

Amperage Draw: 10A-15A

Working Pressure: 150 PSi

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60 C

Minimum Ambient Temperature: -55 C


One year replacement guarantee. In case of any issue (Yes Really Any) in this metal air compressor in one year, you will get same new compressor. Be honest and only use it for inflating car tyres. Such compressors are not built for paint work etc.

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Best single cylinder metal body air compressor for all types of cars in Pakistan

کار پیڈل لاک
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Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor 12v in Pakistan Faisalabad

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Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor in Pakistan 12v
Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor 12v in Pakistan Lahore

Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor in Pakistan

This compressor is best in economical budget for all types of cars in Pakistan. See Price & Detail Below

Single Cylinder Metal Air Compressor 12v in Pakistan Rawalpindi

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