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Learn Professional Video Editing Online Class in Pakistan

One-to-One Short Video Editing Course with Instructions in Urdu. Learn Advance Video Editing in Short Time. Price & More Detail Below.

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Features of Online Video Editing Course

  • Now learn video editing course in very short time of just 1 hour
  • Face-to-face online one-on-one classes
  • You will quickly learn main functions of video editing and save your time of many days if not months of your learning curve
  • You actually do editing yourself with step by step live instructions from us through WhatsApp video call or Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc
  • You learn quickly due to undivided attention and practically performing video editing yourself

Video Editing Features You Learn in Online Class

  • Learn basic setup of video editing software
  • Importing files from your computer to video editor
  • Learn how to trim a video clip
  • How to cut a video clip from center and drag different clips at a time
  • Learn Crop, Pan & Zoom functions of video editor
  • How to export Final Edited Video in different sizes and dimensions such as for Instagram and for YouTube
  • Learn how to add Text on a video clip. Edit size, font and style of text. Adding or removing text from video clip
  • Learn masking feature and create square, rectangular, polygon, star, Ellipse, Rounded or Freestyle mask
  • How to use screen recording feature in video editor (Screen recording feature is available only in selected software). We used FilmoraPro screen recording feature while creating THIS video
  • Learn Keyframe animation. You can animate a text or an image on video clip. This feature is not available in all video editors. Discuss with us before purchasing a software
  • Learn layout, text and controls functions in video editing
  • Learn scaling, rotation, position, opacity and anchor point adjustment in video editing
  • Learn how to use audio and video transitions
  • Using built-in features of video editor for animating text, image and video
  • Lear using color correction, sharpness, lightness, flares and other such features of video editing
  • Learn how to unlink audio from a video clip, deleting audio from video clip, adding another audio in video clip and mixing audio with video
  • Learn how to increase or decrease Duration and Speed of a video clip or even audio clip
  • Using copy and paste features
  • Learn how to slice and delete an unwanted part from the side or center of video clip or replace it with some other clip
  • How to use a video clip on another video clip
  • Learn how to scale timeline of video editor. 
  • How to add or remove multiple layers of text, audio, video or image or in video editing timeline
  • How to remove background of a video with green or blue screen chroma keying or add some other background for it
  • How to scale video editor panels such as viewer panel, trimmer panel, controls panel, media panel or timeline panel
  • Learn how to convert an edited video quickly in square (Instagram), Rectangular (YouTube) or Vertical formats (story or shorts)
  • Editing audio clip of a video such as slicing, deleting, adding, noise reduction from audio and other effects and functions. You can easily remove unwanted parts from audio or replace it
  • AND countless other features of video editing

Requirements for Video Editing Class

  • You need video editing software 
  • Computer or laptop with reasonably powerful RAM
  • A video clip for practice

Recommended Video Editing Software

You can learn video editing from us on any video editor software of your choice, but we recommend following advanced software options. You can freely discuss with us for pros and cons of below mentioned video editors

Intermediate Level Video Editor Software

  1. Filmora X or Filmora 9
  2. Canva Pro

Advance Level Video Editor Software

  1. FilmoraPro
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Price Package of Video Editing Online Class

  • You will get online one-to-one class of 1 hour
  • Rs 7000 per hour (instead of 10,000) for one hour face to face online class
  • FREE credits of additional 30 minutes if you required more help later on. Free 30 minutes in total, can be availed within next 7 days
  • Half payment will be paid upfront and remaining amount after online class
  • It is up to you how quickly you learn. Learn quickly and you will learn more features in less time
  • Now contact us WhatsApp 03325577733 and reserve appointment or discuss any other query

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Learn Video Editing in Pakistan. Short One-To-One Online Video Editing Course. Online Video Editor in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi

اس پیج کو سوشل میڈیا پر دوستوں کے ساتھ شیئر کریں۔ واٹس ایپ پر شیئر کرنے کیلئے پلس یا جمع کا بٹن کلک کریں اور متعلقہ فارم کے سرچ میں ڈبلیوٹائپ کریں اور مسنجر کیلئے ایم ٹائپ کریں۔

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