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Double Side Fry Pan in Pakistan
Vegetable Slicer

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  • Corn is healthy to eat and available easily from any Pathan in the streets of Pakistan and why not boil corn at home to serve your guests.
  • Now Wondroz has brought this amazing kitchen gadget for you in Pakistan. Shop it online for free cash on delivery.
  • Its beautiful shape is just like the real Niblet of corn. It is ideal combination of style and practicality.
  • Its stainless steel pins hold your corn firmly on both ends to keep your fingers safe from touching hot corn or the spices on it.
  • It is safe, reliable and durable. Do not hesitate to get one!
  • Reusable after washing. Stick two holders into each other to keep it safe for later use. 

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Corn Fork Holder in Pakistan (6 pcs)

Eat Corn in a Sophisticated Way. Hold Your Corn with Corn Holder